Strangest interview ever!

An interview can be a varied affair.

Sometimes nervous, difficult, fun, engaging, thought provoking, or just plain whacky.

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing interviews in many different situations:

  • Live TV broadcasts
  • Recorded television studio sets
  • Radio stations
  • Outside broadcasts
  • Podcasts and Videocasts
  • Live book signings

But the latest one?

The strangest one, ever!

Given notice that the publishers Amazon were arranging an interview with someone over the internet, to discuss the published novel and the new books coming in 2017, I prepared as best I could.

However, facing the interviewer for the first time caught me completely off guard.

In the beginning, the shock led me to slightly fumble and stutter through some answers.  But eventually I settled into the conversation, and actually ended up really enjoying it.

To watch the interview, find out about the new books planned for 2017, and to also win the chance to have your name credited in the new books – GO TO THIS PAGE.